Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Beginnings...

well, it is finally ready and I am so excited and happy to announce.....

my brand spanking new website is ready and up and running! :)


So if you are visting here...please make your way to 

in the future :)

Thank you so much the team at Crisp Design and Dan Peters for all the hard work on getting the website up and running and for also designing a new logo for me :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Little Kings | Kalk Bay

I always like new challenges coming my way, so when the band The Little Kings asked me to do a shoot for them, I jumped at the chance! :)

We all met up in one of my favourite places in Cape Town, Kalk Bay, where the Little Kings were doing a gig that evening. I love Kalk Bay for its quirky little shops, amazing restaurants, colourful walls and 'bohemian feel'.

We trekked off down to train station and the harbour, but my favourite place was actually a fish and chip shop! (the mint coloured wall with the old door in the photo below).  I love walking around places and finding unexpected places to shoot - and luckily for us the fish and chip shop owner was very accommodating! :)

Thank you The Little Kings for being so cooperative and for a fun shoot!

If you live in Cape Town then I recommend you go and see this band and get your groove on! Check out their facebook page here for upcoming gigs :)

In the mean time you can listen to one of their tracks here....
  Wave Riding (new unreleased version) by thelittlekingsband  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Willow | 7 Months

So this is the third update on little baby Willow. And she is just getting more and more adorable as she grows up!

What with Christmas busyness and schedules clashing for Emily & I, we just slightly missed Willow's 6 month shoot.  So instead we did the shoot a little later. 

And I am so glad we waited, as Willow is now sitting by herself! While I was photographing her, she was pulling some of the funniest faces too (how cute is she when she wrinkles her nose!?!).  Made me laugh so much!  She really is such a little poser and has these shoots down to a tee now :)

It is so amazing to see her little personality coming out as she is growing and Emily & Ryan are doing a styling job bringing Willow up.

It's always such a joy to do these shoots.  Looking forward to the next two shoots and then producing the album for Emily & Ryan of the first year of Willow's life :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Peter & Sarah | Engagement

I am so excited to be blogging about this fabulous couple on Valentines Day! :)

Meet Peter & Sarah.

Peter & Sarah are getting married in April and this is a couple who know how to have a laugh and are so much fun - I knew I was going to like them from the moment I met them. 

We did their engagement shoot in Bo Kaap - the most colourful part of Cape Town, which suited their vibrant personalities :)

Peter also brought along his classic red and white mini - which we just had to get in some of the photos, as it is soooo retro.  

You have to check out Sarah's beautiful engagement ring as well - designed for her, made with Mother of Pearl with a swallow on the side - which has significant meaning to her. Stunning! :)

Thank you so much Peter & Sarah for letting me be apart of your special day - I can't wait for your wedding in April!  You guys are fab - so much joy, love and laughs just bubble out of you you guys! Ohhh, and Happy Valentine's Day! :)

In true Valentine's style thought I would add a few ideas for how to say those three words to someone special in your life today....hope you all have a great Valentine's Day! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different...

gosh, can't believe nearly a month ago it was christmas…and now we are back into the swings of things! and i haven't even written one blog post to welcome in the new year.

although I have kind of given up on new year resolutions years ago….i do try and set myself some goals and improvements for the new year..and blogging more was one of them…something i obviously need to work more at! :)

having a holiday over the festive season was amazing and one of the things I hoped I would be able to achieve over this time, as well as just relaxing, was to spark more inspiration for the creative.  i definitely got to accomplish that and I thought I would list some of things that 'wowed' me and gave me another perspective :)

My Parents: I know it might sound like the cheesiest thing ever, but having my parents around me for 2 weeks over the festive time was great.  obviously, living in another country from my family I still have lots of contact with them…but its completely different when I am actually with them.  over this time they managed to make me laugh so hard (especially my Dad), made me look on the brighter side of life and encourage me to the nth degree within things I am pursuing at the moment. As my Mum always says, "Give it a go, because otherwise you will never know" :) I feel so blessed to have an amazing family and it made me realize that I constantly would like positive, fun-loving, encouraging people around me in my life….always :)

Madame Zingara's & Phantom of The Opera:  Ok, so cheesy bit over…Madame Zingara's and Phantom of The Opera was amazing to go to...and both inspired me in much the same way.
if you don't know Madame Zingara's, it is a dinner/show in the expression of only what I can describe as a 1940's circus.  The minute you walk in the entrance it is like you are transported to another world and wrapped up in another way of life.  The staff, the actors, the performers and the decor were phenomenal.  I had heard how good this place was from friends, but really wasn't expecting quite as much of a show as it was!  The whole time I was there I was thinking how great it would be to do a photo shoot there!
Seeing Phantom of The Opera for the first time in Cape Town was brilliant. I also loved the way it transported you back to a time of a 1910 french opera house and the emotions the play invoked.  All the actors performing were outstanding at their art….singing, acting and dancing.  and it inspired me to push myself in my art to try and be the best I can be.  
Both, Madame Zingara's and Phantom of The Opera gave me some ideas for new photo shoots.  One thing I would like to challenge myself on this year would be to do a styled shoot in one of these themes :) If you haven't been to either of these shows I soooo recommend them!  Phantom of The Opera is now playing in Jo'burg and Madame Zingara's will also be there in March.

Anything French: i have a soft spot for anything french…music, movies, photos, paintings, food etc etc.  over the holiday i listened to quite a bit of french music….Caracol is still my favorite French speaking singer and then any kind of french movie gets me every time.  I watched "A Very Long Engagement" again over the past few days.  Love it!  The French just seem to know how to do things well and with a certain level of class :) now I just need to learn to speak french a little more fluently!

Nature: I am not usually a person who will go out and spend lots of time in nature and be inspried by it…however Nick is great at spotting certain birds and animals where ever we are and getting me to look, and most likely take a photo.  while in our garden, he caught a glimpse of a butterfly just chilling on a leaf. most of the time I see butterflies, they are either flying frantically around or if sitting, fly off the minute you start walking closer to them.. for some reason, this particular butterfly didn't.  so Nick told me to grab my camera and i instantly started snapping away at it.  i couldn't believe how incredibly close I could get and the great detail my camera picked up after looking at the shots :)

the butterfly got me thinking about my hopes, dreams and aspirations for this coming year....a completely new adventure in store, I hope...or in the words of Monty Python "And Now For Something Completely Different" :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Nicola's Birthday | Camp's Bay

this was my last shoot of the year, and was at Camp's Bay beach, which happens to be one of my favourite places in Cape Town, as this is where Nick and I got married! 

It was Nicola's birthday and she had asked me whether I would be able to do a photo shoot with her and a few friends.  she had kept it a surprise for her friends and just told them to wear all white...which made for some beautiful beachy photos :)

this was such a fab shoot to end off the year with, and all the girls were so much fun and looked so stunning! :)  Thank you Nicola for letting me be a part of the day...and Happy Birthday! :)